Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I think I might be special

I realized today that I haven't written a post in about a week! At first I was slightly appalled with myself, but then I realized that this meant I haven't done a bone-headed mom-fail worthy of blogging about in seven days! Holy-f-ing shit! I'm awesome.

Well, on second thought, I've still been dabbling in newbie errors that are worthy of documenting. Things such as this:

Baby babble
I babble at my baby.

He's eight months old. He does a ton of his own babbling. In fact, he is pretty much in love with his own voice (I blame my husband, who talks for a living as a TV news anchor). I know that baby-babbling a good thing. He's working on his verbal skills and learning to understand interpersonal communication. But I will repeat myself: I babble at my baby. I babble. Me. Molly. MOM.

And that, my friends, is what made me think: wow - what if I'm messing up his speech?

Liam and I play a game:
He squawks. I squawk.
He screams. I scream.
He changes the pitch and length of his scream. I do the same to mine.

I am pretty much doing the opposite of what all those experts are saying: "You're baby will start to mimic you" - umm.... what happens if I'm mimicking him?

Don't get me wrong - Liam thinks this game is pretty fun, and hell, making strange noises all day long with Liam is pretty damn entertaining for ME (ask my sisters - they grew up with me making all sorts of strange noises. Actually, I should not limit this to childhood. Again, I am awesome). This behavior is right up my alley.

But dude - I've had to actually make an effort sometimes to speak real WORDS to Liam. Will I be sending my kid off to preschool equipped only with caveman speak and chest pounding? "Uh-uh. Liam want banana."

Realizations like this remind me that it might be a very good thing I am not a stay at home mom....


  1. Totally cool, Molly. I hope. As long I don't start babbling to myself at work, I figure we're in the clear. :)

  2. Phew! Now as for babbling in public places, such as the office... never done that, but I definitely babble down the aisles when I'm at Target! I get strange looks. I've learned to like it.