Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And then there was blood...

Walking baby... expect the worst. 

Oh man.

Liam is super close to walking. He pulls up on things. He walks along holding onto things - constantly. He walks across a room if you offer him a hand. And he can bend from standing to pick up a toy, and stand back up again.

We are so proud of  him.

Now - Brady and I believe that Liam needs to learn about gravity. Therefore, we let him do "controlled falls" - meaning that if we don't think he's in any real danger of seriously injuring himself, we let him fall. No sense in always catching him - he's gotta learn from his mistakes.

And I need to learn from my mistakes.
TWICE in the last three days, Liam has fallen and bitten his tongue.

Round One

The first time was sooo my fault. He was walking along the coffee table... I was sitting right behind him, ready to catch if he fell so he wouldn't hit his head. He started to stumble -I grabbed him - but it was too late: he hit his little jaw on the coffee table and chomped off the very tip of his tongue. I'm not kidding. The screaming. The tears. And good god: THE BLOOD. 

It bled for quite a while. All over his jammies, all over me, and all over the wet dishtowel I let him suck on. The poor guy. That night, I could tell it hurt him to nurse. :(

Round Two

The very next day, Liam went from standing to sitting on his little diaper butt. Guess what - he bit his tongue AGAIN! EFF. This time, there was not as much blood, but there were still tears. Saddness.


I have decided that not only does my baby need to learn about gravity, but also about moving his tongue since he now has little razor teeth that will slice the shit out of it. However, I have NO idea how to teach "controlled tongue moving." Any thoughts are appreciated. :)

I wish myself luck and hope his poor tongue will be spared, at least for awhile.

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