Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hump Day Confession


Liam is a great sleeper - knock on wood - he always has been. Sometimes he sleeps a straight 9 hours at night (bless you, sweet baby), but most nights, he's up once or twice for a diaper change and to nurse. We have a decent routine, and even when I have to get up twice, I'm used to it.

Well, last night, for whatever reason, I was exhausted. It may have had something to do with the extreme amount of fried food I consumed at a coworker's birthday lunch that day... may have....

Wake up No. One: 12:45 pm. New diaper - eat - back in crib - talk to self for about 10 mins - boom--back asleep. 

Wake up No. Two: 3:30 am, and I was just not having it. I remember in my sleepy-stupor, I turned off the baby monitor (which I always do before I go in his room, so my husband doesn't have to hear Liam crying, etc.). Well, I didn't realize until Brady (husband) shook me in a panic, that I had fallen back asleep with the monitor off. We could hear lots of noise coming from Liam's room. Our immediate reaction was a moment of slight panic. 

I quickly turned the video monitor on and there he was - sitting up perfectly in his crib, singing/babbling to himself and playing with his wubbanub (the most awesome pacifier ever invented - it has a stuffed animal sewn to it so baby has something to grab onto/play with. If you don't have one, get one! Or, four....).

"I should go feed him... he's a growing baby.... EH. He seems fine. I don't want to get up." 

So I turned the monitor off again and went back to sleep. 

Unless you have been a new mom before, you can't possibly understand how extreme that action was and the bravery that goes along with it. I TURNED THE MONITOR OFF AND WENT BACK TO SLEEP. 

For the first time in Liam's almost eight month's, I just let him do his thing in the middle of the night, didn't interrupt, didn't try to soothe him with nursing... and I did it all without the fear that some creepy night-man, fighter of the day-man (It's Always Sunny Reference) would come and eat my child. 

I am proud. I am awesome. And my kid can party all he wants in his crib at night, and from here on out, I will just turn the monitor off and get more sleep. Yay, me! 

P.S. If that It's Always Sunny Reference was lost on you, I have no words. Educate thyself, or forever be lost in my blog references, because there will be many more. 

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