Monday, October 28, 2013

"I like turtles..." Err, I mean swimming.

"I LIKE SWIMMING!" - says, Liam. 

Oh wait, nope - no, he doesn't. While I wish this enthused and almost psychotic picture of my child demonstrated his excitement about his second swimming lesson, alas, it does not. This picture is probably more accurate:

"Swimming's.... ok."

Second swimming lesson - in the bag. Confessions/takeaways/things I learned:

1. Baby will scream less if he naps before said swimming lesson that is schedule during his morning nap. Yeah, me! I give myself brownie points.

2. Holy cow swimming pool.... warm up the shallow end... when even I'm nipping out, it's not wonder my son is not impressed. 

3. Besides warming up the water, it's best to warm up your baby as well to the idea of going under the water. Instead of just dunking him over... and over... and over again, this time, I didn't put him under the water until the very end. I let him hold onto me as much as he liked. I worked on helping him be comfortable in the water. Who knows if he actually remembers any of last week's water trauma (scuba baby, ring a bell?) but Liam was very hesitant about the water until the very end of class. And that's when I did it - on the very last sing-a-along song I dunked him quickly and gave him lots of hugs and praise. And guess what? He didn't cry. 

I'll have my Nirvana baby before you know it...

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