Friday, January 3, 2014

Photos: We are the WORST.

Happy New Year, everyone!

The 2013 holiday season made me realize something: Brady and I are so not on top of things. Although we try.

We received tons of beautiful holiday greetings and photo-cards from our friends and family in the mail. It was Liam's first Christmas.... you'd think we would do something like this...

You would be right. :) We did. :) Just not very well.

On Cyber Monday, I made cute little photo-cards and placed an order for 25, figuring we didn't need to send them to everyone and their dog. Well, of those 25, I probably only put like 18 in the mail... I still have two that are addressed and stamped sitting in my purse, ready to mail, that I simply haven't mailed yet (Heather and Elly, sorry!) - why? Because I'm the WORST with kid pictures. Seriously. The worst.

For my birthday in December, my friend Kelly so sweetly printed photos of my son from my Facebook page and put them in a nice frame for me. She remembered hearing me say I had a million pictures of Liam on my phone and on the computer, and just hadn't ordered any yet.

YUP. Why? Because I'm the WORST.

My Facebook friends' news feeds blew up with pictures since they started having kids  - not just snapshots, professional pictures:

"Johnny's New Born Pictures"
"Ella's 3-month photos"
"Brayden's 6-month... 9-month... 12 month..."  You get the picture (ha, see what I did there?).

Us? Well... we had a "newborn" shoot when Liam was 8 weeks old - not quite so fresh anymore. He was hysterical. He just kept giving everyone the stink-eye. No smiles. No cute sleeping baby pics. And another thing: we did not arrange this photo shoot. We are SO glad it happened, but we didn't arrange it. Brady's mom threw us an after-baby-shower and his cousin, who is a photographer, took photos for us as a gift. They are beautiful photos. And I would share a few with you, but the thing is... we haven't bought any yet. Why?

Because we are the WORST. PARENTS. EVER. :)

One of these days I'm going to place a 2,000 or so photo order of ALLLLL the photos we have ever taken of Liam, and Shutterfly will love me. Stay tuned.


  1. I feel bad about this too, and figured out I kinda suck at the yearly photo and taking pictures to record their lives thing. Poor kids.

  2. Think about it this way--usually there are TONS of child #1 then much fewer of child #2 and usually no photographic evidence if you have any other children. If you have any more kids, they won't feel jilted :-)