Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's your excuse?

This week's confession: 

Motherhood has done something to me I've been striving for my whole life - something I was never able to obtain on my own before having my son. But for some reason, being Liam's mom has done it for me:

Motherhood has made me content with my body. 

I grew a human and lived to tell the tale. Now my body is continuing to provide sustenance to that small human as he grows and learns. I'm a goddamn ninja-warrior-woman. 'Nough said.

Today's post has been inspired and brought to you by fitness blogger, Maria Kang, and her "What's your excuse?" photo circulating Facebook and the internet. I'd link to it here, but I neither want to pollute my blog with it nor credit her for it, because a photo like that, with a question like that, posted publicly to the internet deserves no credit whatsoever. If you haven't seen it, Google it. Then grab the waste basket and prepare to vomit.

Kang claims that with that photo and that question "All I want to do is inspire others" - Really? REALLY? Well, you have a pretty backwards (and bitchy) way of going about that.

I have a ten month old son. I get up at 4am Monday-Friday to pump breast milk for him before heading to the gym to kickbox/lift at 5am, before returning home, getting me and baby ready for the day, and heading to work. I eat healthy (with my fair-share of adult beverages here and there). I'm wearing my pre-baby clothes (size 8-10 depending on the brand, if you must know - which happens to be the same size I've worn since high school), but I'm squishier than I was before. I'm happy with my life and am not going to obsess over society's or someone else's unattainable idea of what I should look like post-baby. And you know what? Ten years ago, majorly pre-baby, I was a college athlete and in the best shape of my life and I STILL didn't look like Kang.

I'd like to ask Kang what her excuse is for using shaming as a motivational method (she claims she meant for her photo and question to be inspirational - she's either a liar or an idiot). As for my excuse: Gentics. Oh, and I just don't care.


  1. I am so proud of how smart, sensible, and healthy (in body, mind & spirit) you are, Molly!

  2. If this is "the" post, it certainly tamed down a bit ;) I like this one, though, and I'm happy you're happy with yourself!

    I saw a "fitspo for the rest of us" post that took fitspo (as I'm assuming this Maria Kang person you are referencing was using) messages and combined them with images of someone drinking or smoking.

    If I could find it, I'd link you. When you look at it through the perspective of something "bad" - you realize the fitspo stuff is pretty bad, too. And plus they're funny.

    "Unless you faint, puke, or die, keep going!" over a picture of someone slamming back shots.... etc :)

    1. urgh! Always says google account will work and it never does. This was Sarah JH :)